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by Hayden Browne

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Barbados Snorkeling
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Barbados Snorkeling with Breezing Boat

What will you see on this tour?

Making 2 stops in Holetown, the duration of the tour is 2 Hours. In the first location, we get to see the sea turtles. The second location we snorkel over beautiful reefs and shipwreck where you get to see thousands of fish.

Sea turtles, sometimes called marine turtles, are reptiles of the order Testudines. The two kinds of sea turtles that are frequently seen on our tours are the green turtle and the hawksbill.

Several shipwrecks have been sunk to create artificial dive sites and divert pressure away from natural reefs. Our sunken barge sits in 20feet of water and it promotes marine life. Here you will find an abundance of Sergeant majors, Bermuda chubs, Trumpetfish, Orange-spotted Filefish, Ballyhoo Fish and many more.

Here are some of the coral you will find on our tours. The Finger Coral, Brain Coral, Fire Coral and many more

3 Friendly and professional crew members

Team member
Wayne Jones
Breezing Boat > Owner
Breezing Boat > Man on Land
Team member
Immanuel Jones
Breezing Boat > Co-Owner
Breezing Boat > Captain
Team member
Hayden Browne
Barbados Snorkeling Tours > Owner
Breezing Boat > Operations Partner/Co-Captain/Host/Photographer

Don’t miss your chance to snorkel with us!

We have excellent Barbados Snorkeling Tours in Holetown, St. James, Barbados.

The photos below were taken within the last 24 hours by Hayden Browne.

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about Barbados Snorkeling

Important Information

Base Times at Holetown Beach
Open for business 7 days a week, providing that the ocean is calm
Base Times: 10:20 AM / 12:20 PM (May subject to +/- 30 Minutes)
Contact us for Private tours (Usually possible from 12:20, if booked in advance)
Contact us for private party cruises (Usually starts from 2:15 PM)
Rates & etc
We accept Cash Only! (USD / BBD)
Regular Adult Rate: US$60.00 / BB$120.00
Kids (Under 13) Rate: US$30.00 / BB$60.00
Babies (Under 4) Rate: US$0.00 / BB$0.00
Discounts May or May not Apply to Barbados Nationals (Bajans)
Tour Duration: 2 Hours
What's Included?: Snorkel Masks & Life jackets
Also Included: Wi-Fi, Waterside, Drinks (Rum punch, Coke, Sprite, Water)
Photography Included when booked directly from this website or Viator
Hotel Pickups may apply to Crystal Cove, Beach View, Colony Club, Coral Reef Club, The Club, Sandy Lane, Tamarind Cove, and Waves (please inquire). Others must find their way to us!
Cruise ship passengers:
Taxis are available at the port (Ask for Taxi Driver Adrian Bayley if possible). its approximate driving time from the port to Holetown is 15-20 minutes. Follow the directions below to find us. Also check out Holetown Beach as its a great beach to spend the day with 2 lovely Beach bars/restaurants (Zaccios, Surfside), Washrooms, beach chairs and shower available. Taxi rates are around $15 USD round trip per person.


Current Turtle Status:
Emma (Big Green Turtle) – Still in Recovery after an accident(End of October)  with a boat, but still shows.
Celina (Medium Green Turtle) got hit by a boat on the 13th of April, 2022 with some lower shell damage but she is Fine.
Mya (Small Hawksbill Turtle) is Fine.


Mornings are usually the best time to go snorkeling. Same-day reservations are not allowed! You must book a day in advance.

Read through the important information first…

Kids (Under 13):


Make Reservation
We are located on the beach of the Surfside restaurant and Zaccios restaurant, which is located in holetown, St. James, Barbados. Parking is available. Your "ONLY" contacts will be Wayne Jones (Owner/Man on Land), Immanuel Jones (captain) or Hayden Browne (Host). The name of the boat is written on the side "Breezing". Make your reservation before showing up. Be aware of tricksters on the beach!

Find on Google Map – “Surfside” or “Zaccios”

Barbados Snorkeling