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Due to COVID-19, we had to close down our snorkeling tours. No one was allowed to attend to the beach, however, we would go every 3rd day to check on the boat and feed the turtles.  On April 14th,  a police officer of the Holetown police station threatens to take us to court for going out to feed the turtles. The officer said that if we don’t have a fishing license that we can not be in the ocean.

Two weeks later the government of Barbados reopened the beaches, but only from 6 AM to 9AM. This is our chance to feed the turtles and watch over other marine life.

It would be a shame to have Barbados open back up to tourism and we have no turtles to show on our turtle tours. This is your chance to become a turtle guardian by donating US$5.00 to help take care of our turtles like Celina and Emma.

Your donations will go towards our sea turtle and marine life project. Your names and country of origin will be published in our video credits.


Have you met Celina? | May 21st, 2020 @ 7:15 AM feeding frenzy with Celina.